Greentrees have invested in highly accurate Trimble GPS devices for accurately plotting trees within your site. 

The tree data can be supplied to you in a free Google Earth format or a format to easily integrate in to existing GIS systems.


Local planning authorities require detailed information about trees that could be affected by development proposals. 

Greentrees provides BS5837:2012 compliant reports and plans, to accompany planning applications. We have full Autocad facilities and can supply/accept plans as DWG or DXF format.


Trees are living organisms and their health can be affected by their surrounding environment and old age. 

We provide detailed condition reports to ensure your trees remain healthy.


The risks posed by trees should be balanced against the multiple benefits they provide. 

Using robust and defensible systems we provide tree risk assessments to help you manage the potential risks from trees.


Our air spade is an essential tool for tree care. We use it for:

• de-compaction of soils around tree roots
• investigating suspected root decay
• excavating trenches for utilities near tree roots.


Bill Crumby can supply detailed advice about the correct procedure when selecting suitable species and planting new trees.


Where a tree is hazardous because of decay or structural weakness and shows signs of being in such a condition....

the occupier of the land on which it stands is normally liable under UK laws for any personal injury or other damage it causes by breaking or falling. Periodic inspection of all trees on your property is advisable. We will inspect the trees from ground level (or where required by climbing the tree) and will provide a detailed analysis of any defects or potential problems of the tree, and the consequences of these defects. Recommendations can then be made to control or eliminate that risk.


The objective of plant health care is to maintain or improve the landscape’s appearance, vitality and, in the case of trees, safety.

We will work closely with you, the tree owner. We will monitor the site and use the most cost-effective and environmentally sensitive practices and treatments available.


Trees can occupy a substantial part of a development site and because of their potential size....

can have a major influence on the planning and use of the site. Existing trees of a good quality can greatly enhance a development by providing an immediate appearance of maturity. Therefore careful planning and expert advice is needed to ensure that the trees on site are used to their best potential.

The service we provide can include the following:

  • Site visit and observations
  • Appraisal
  • Tree constraints plan
  • Arboricultural method statement
  • Tree protection plan
  • Recommendations
  • Any other considerations


Using Autocad 2009, Arborcad and Arborshadow we can provide you with detailed plans including:

  • Tree position, crown spreads (actual and ultimate), quality category
  • Position of root protection areas
  • Position of protective barriers
  • Shadows and potential shadows caused by trees now and in the future




A tree preservation order (TPO) is an order made by a local planning authority (LPA) in respect of trees or woodlands.

The principal effect of a TPO is to prohibit the:

  • cutting down
  • uprooting,
  • topping,
  • lopping,
  • wilful damage, or
  • wilful destruction

of trees without the LPA's consent.

If you have a tree that needs work, but may be covered by a TPO, we will carry out all necessary negotiations with the LPA, and complete and send the TPO application off on your behalf.

We will survey all trees in your required area and plan for your future needs.

testing/thorough examination of kit

Bill Crumby is certificated to undertake Thorough Examination of Lifting Equipment. This applies to climbing and rigging equipment inspections.

Thorough examination is a systematic & detailed inspection of the equipment and safety critical parts, carried out by a certified competent person who then completes a written report. The report contains the information required by LOLER Schedule 1. All climbing equipment must be inspected at least every 6 months and rigging equipment every 12 months, more frequently if used in extreme conditions.


There are many types of pests and disease that can threaten the health of your trees.

 In our comprehensive inspection, we will be able to determine the overall health of the landscape, identify specific tree diseases, and recommend any needed tree services or treatments to preserve the vitality of your trees.

We will survey all trees in your required area and plan for your future needs.



From health benefits to a haven for wildlife, pollution mitigation to peace of mind, the reasons for planting woods....

and trees have never been more important, or widely beneficial.

We will advise you as to what tree species are best for your scheme, where and when you should plant, and how you should protect and maintain your trees.

We will survey all trees in your required area and plan for your future needs.



When a site is redeveloped, trees already growing on that site may be damaged in various ways during the construction process. 

This may be physical damage inflicted by machinery or vehicles striking branches or other parts of the trees. Or damage may be due to passage of machines or inappropriate storage of building materials causing compaction of the ground surrounding the trees. Soil compaction has a detrimental effect on the health of the trees.

Following on from a development site survey, our arboricultural impact assessment will assess the impact that the proposed development will have upon the retained trees. We will report on the potential problems caused by the construction process and will consider things like changes in ground levels and installation of hard surfacing etc. We will also assess the long-term impact the retained trees will have on the new development and it's occupants. This will include things like excessive shading and surface roots affecting pathways or low walls. We will also make recommendations on how to mitigate the effects of the development upon the trees.

We will survey all trees in your required area and plan for your future needs.



We can provide an inventory of all your tree stock to enable pro-active tree management. 

This will assist tree risk management, planning cyclical tree maintenance work and efficient use of your budget. Bill Crumby is a Lantra certificated Professional Tree Inspector.We will survey all trees in your required area and plan for your future needs.


Property valuations are undertaken as part of the process of obtaining a mortgage from a bank or other lender.

If that property benefits from having trees in the garden or perhaps a tree or other woody vegetation is present in a neighbouring property, then that lender may insist on a mortgage report being obtained in respect of those trees. In this report we will indicate which trees are relevant to the property and report on the condition of those trees. We will also give an indication of the potential for those trees to cause damage to the property.



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